What is A Casino Affiliate Agent & What’s its benefit?

In the world of online casinos, an affiliate agent is also known as a casino affiliate. This is a middle entity or person between casinos and players. The casino affiliate agent has a tracking link. Also, they earn rewards when new players register or play. They receive a commission every time someone clicks their link. Also, they need to complete the required transaction. And the payment continues to come for the entire period till the referral stays and plays at the casino. Also, the casinos do provide various tools to get more users. Agents are open to using those. It can help them a lot. As the more users bring, the more commission they get.

How it works:

To be a self-dependent sales consultant, casino affiliate marketing requires an agent. Those help the casinos to promote themselves. Also, it will bring more players to their platform. Thus, they will earn from them.

When you send an application to join the network, it takes around 48 hours to review and accept it. In some casinos, it may take less time too. So you can check the time on their websites.

1. Promotions:

Casino affiliate agents create websites, blogs, or any other online platforms. They use those to promote some online casinos. Also, there are many other means as well to promote online casinos.

2. Referral Links:

The affiliates use unique tracking links given by the casino within their promotional materials. These links help the casino track the source of the player referrals.

3. Player Registration:

Players first need to click on a casino affiliate agent referral link. Then you must register the account with the online casino. Thus, the tracking system records the referral.

4. Commissions:

The agent receives a commission as per the terms with the casino agreed upon. There are many types of casinos with different commissions. Let us take a few examples.

  • Betvisa provides commissions up to 50% depending upto the net revenue generated from the customer side.
  • Jeetwin provides a 50% lifetime commission to its agents. And currently, they are providing an extra 6% commission on the occasion of their 6th Anniversary.

Also, there are many more. Rules may vary. But, they will let you earn extra. And that is where we must focus.

Benefits of being a casino affiliate agent:

1. Passive Income:

This is a good way to start a passive income. The agents can earn commissions on an ongoing basis. As long as the players they referred continue to play and generate revenue for the casino.

2. No Product Ownership:

The agents don’t need to create or maintain the casino games themselves. Being a product owner requires attention in all the phases of the application. But the casino affiliate agent needs to focus on marketing. Thus, they have to drive traffic to online casinos. It will benefit both the agents and the casino.

3. Flexibility:

Affiliate marketing does allow agents to work on their own time. Also, they are not stuck in one place. They need an internet connection. There are no strict hours to work. This flexibility appeals to those seeking a remote or independent work lifestyle.

4. Revenue Potential:

The casino industry can be highly profitable. And the agents have the opportunity to earn large commissions. They can do so by driving a lot of high-value players to the casinos. The more players you refer to, the more commission you earn.

How to become an affiliate agent:

1. First of all, check the online casino industry. Go through different online casinos and choose which you want to associate with.

2. Once you have decided on the casino you want to work with. Next, research this program they offer. Check for the compensation plan they offer. Also, about their promotional tools and terms and conditions.

3. Set up your account and start marketing their offerings. Also, submit some basic contact and identity information.

4. First, your application will get the approval. Then, you will get links to start promoting the online casino. These links will track your ads performance and calculate your earnings.

5. Promote the online casino by using different means. Such as creating websites, social media, text links, banner ads, etc.

6. To track your promotions and profits, use the affiliate programs dashboard.


Becoming a Casino affiliate agent can give you many benefits. You can generate revenue without any direct involvement. Also, you can receive information about the referred players. You can earn the flexibility to work around the clock. And earn as much as you can with the time and hard work you spend here. But it’s worth noting that regulations about casino affiliate marketing can vary. Also, some countries may have specific rules and requirements that one needs to follow. Thus, it’s important for agents to familiarize themselves with the legal aspects. Also, follow the rules of the regions they operate in. So, let’s begin with it.

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