What Countries Allow Online Gambling?

As a gambler, you must have wondered whether gambling is legal in your country or not. Online gambling is becoming popular as the number of users is increasing year by year. So, before you start trying your luck, it’s advised to take care of security and legalization issues. Still, many users skip reading the terms and conditions part thoroughly. To make sure that no law is broken. It is always advisable to check the rules and the legalization policy of online gambling sites. Through this article, we will help gamblers to find the legal countries for online betting.

Countries where online gambling is legal

Online gambling is legal in many countries and in some countries, it’s allowed in some specialized zone. As a gambler, you may have heard about the countries with casinos. It is because the law which makes online betting legal applies to casinos as well. The country’s law let it operate because it not only brings good income to its owners. But also fills up the state treasury. Below is the list of countries. Where it is considered legal or follows such practices.

American Countries

You may have heard about Las Vegas in the United States. It is the gambling capital of the world. It is like a home for many legal online gambling establishments. Offering an atmosphere of excitement all year round.  Las Vegas is popular for mainly online casinos, nightclubs, and other such types of institutions. You can find all types of games here like roulette, slot machines, poker, etc. In addition, you may find special halls equipped, where you can bet. They generate a lot of revenue for the sector and hence the local government is supportive of the online and offline development of this industry.

European Countries

Almost every European country supports land-based and online gambling. The European gambling market is massive as it takes up to 49% of the global market, and it’s trendy among gamblers. People in European countries love online gambling so much that online casinos acquire 23% of the European market. European online casino is regulated by the UK gambling commission, the European gaming and betting association, and the Malta gaming authority.

Online casinos are enormous hits among European players because they offer a wide range of casino games, such as roulette, slots, poker, etc. There are also licensed sites that enable players to bet on the most popular sports.

Asian Countries

When it comes to gambling in Asia, countries like Japan, the Philippines, and Kazakhstan have some restrictions on gambling. But some countries like China, Thailand, Singapore, and Macao partly allows it. If we talk about India, then gambling is only available in two states Sikkim and Goa.  Countries like Taiwan, Bangladesh, UAE, and Indonesia don’t entertain this at all. Still, bettors from Asian Countries can take part in betting through international sites like 1xBet, bet365, etc. There is no such ban on online gambling sites because they operate from outside of the country.


Gambling in Australia is legal, but you can’t do it without having a license. Australian state authorities of New South Wales proposed this concept of “Gambler Cards”.  It will help the country to combat money laundering and organized crime. This new system will eliminate unregistered cash flows to act and control the spending of gamblers. Therefore, if you want to play in a legal casino, you should choose 10-dollar deposit casinos in Australia. They are in great demand, with many interesting bonus programs, online casino games, and more.


You may have heard about the “Monte Carlo Club” as a gambler. It is what makes Monaco another wonderland where casinos are one of the main attractions for tourists. The Monte Carlo Club is 120 years old world-famous building. And it is one of the most prestigious in the world. To visit this club visitors, must follow a strict dress code. That is a classic suit for men and evening gowns for women.


The gambling industry is on the rise. It’s not going to slow down soon. Technology made gambling and betting more accessible because now bettors don’t have to leave their homes to place a bet. The USA and Europe are the biggest gambling markets in the world. Which have revenues of billions of dollars. Gambling is more accessible in European countries as its legal. Here people can gamble without fear of breaking any law.

In the rest of the countries gambling is not entirely legal. Like in India gambling is available in two states Sikkim and Goa only. Whereas countries like Bangladesh don’t entertain at all. Still, bettors in Asian countries can gamble using international sites. But before having the fun of online, it is highly advisable to check the legality of gambling sites.

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