The Ultimate Guide To Matched Betting

Betting has become popular as an online sport in Asian countries. The betting sites and apps which were available to mainstream markets such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, UAE etc. earlier, have been expanding in Asian countries lately. 

The popularity of betting sites will attract a lot of fraudsters, and the risk is higher. Matched betting is one option you have, nevertheless, to protect yourself from hazards and other things.

Matched betting is a risk-free method to generate tax-free earnings. It is not gambling at all, because it is based on a straightforward strategy rather than chance. No prior betting knowledge is necessary to learn how to use matched betting.

Don’t let the fact that Matched Betting involves “gambling” scare you away.

 In the UK, thousands of people from all walks of life and professions use matched betting to supplement their primary income. And now, Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India have the chance to use this to support their income. All you have to do is stick to the steps and put the right bets.

Let us take you through the whole process of Matched Betting.

What is Matched Betting?

The term “matched betting” refers to a betting strategy used by individuals to take advantage of free bets and other promotions provided by bookmakers. The terms “double betting,” “lay bet matching,” and “back bet matching” frequently describes it. Theoretically, it poses no risks, claims those who embrace it.

As Asian people are always looking to play safe and risk-free, matched betting offers risk-free match betting. This is why all Bangladeshi punters should go for matched betting. 

Matched Betting involves an account with a bookmaker and a betting exchange, at least one of which is offering a free bet.

When you make a free bet on a sporting event, you use the second account to cover all eventualities. This reduces the risk and ensures that a sizeable portion of the free bet will be paid out no matter what happens.

The following actions you should do prior to placing a bet will make it simpler for you to place a risk-free matched bet:

To begin, if you follow the instructions below, you won’t need to know all betting terminologies.

However, you should be aware that matched betting only works with two specific types of bets:

A ‘back’ bet

Betting for a specific outcome to occur. A backing bet might be, “I bet England will win,” for instance. If it is correct, you win both the bet and the winnings. You will lose your stake if England loses or draws. Any bookmaker, including Paddy Power, William Hill, and Betfred, accepts back bets.

A ‘lay’ bet

Laying odds against a certain event. A lay bet would read, “I bet Ireland won’t win,” for instance. If they lose or tie, you win the wager. Only on a betting exchange like Betfair, a lay bet can be placed.

Matched betting works by cancelling the risk on the ‘back’ bet at the online bookies by betting against oneself at the same odds at a betting exchange (known as ‘laying‘ a bet). That is, you are ‘matching’ your bet.

Bookmakers give money away in the form of bonuses and free bets. By employing matched betting, you can convert between 60 and 85 per cent of the whole bonus or free bet value into cash. No matter what happens once the game, race, or match that is the subject of the wager is over, this money may be withdrawn. If done correctly, matched betting can net you money whether you win, lose, or tie.

How does online no-risk match betting work?

You can place a free bet with the bookmaker (e.g., for Team A to win). Following that, you’ll have to place a lay bet at a betting exchange. There must be a clear contradiction between this lay bet and the outcome that was most recently back at the bookmaker (e.g., it must be on Team A to NOT win). A matched betting calculator is always used to determine the stake (or amount) of the lay bet needed at the betting exchange. By appropriately laying off the bookmaker’s free bet at the betting exchange, You can withdraw the winning bet as cash, regardless of the outcome of the event.

Cash Extraction

When a free matched bet is repaid, average cash withdrawal of 85% or more of the free bet’s value occurs. The cash extraction rate for a free Matched Bet, if the bet is not reimbursed is around 70%-80%.

Another illustration would be if a bookmaker offered a bonus of $10 for every $10 bet on tennis. At a betting exchange, if the odds are correct, it is feasible to bet on Player A to win and bet against (or lay) Player A not to win. Another illustration would be if a bookmaker offered a bonus of $10 for every $10 bet on tennis. To make a profit, you repeat the matching process (one bet at the bookmaker and a similar but opposite lay bet at the betting exchange) with your free bet amount.

Recognize that not all bookmaker bonuses, offers, and free bets are made equal. With over 50 Asian bookies offering bonuses every day. It can be difficult to determine which deals are the best to take advantage of.

Why are High matched betting odds better for Free Bets?

Matching an SNR bet at high odds allows you to keep more of your free bet. It’s more lucrative. The disadvantage is that you need more money in your exchange account to deposit the Lay component. The chances in favour of 5.0-7.0 are a fair compromise.

Without getting too technical, the reason it is more profitable is that high odds win more frequently at the exchange than low odds. The advantage of this is that you limit the frequency with which you win free bets at the Bookmaker.

Key points for Match Betting Guide

Keep it simple

Begin with the sign-up offers and just complete the offers that you understand. Your confidence will develop as your experience grows. This is vital before tackling some of the more difficult and intricate offers. Keep in mind that Matched Betting is not a get-rich-quick strategy. You must understand the technique and dedicate time to finishing the offers, but it is well worth it!

Monitor your money

It is critical to keep track of your money. The accounts of several bookies and betting exchanges will each receive a portion of your funds. This will make it simple to lose track of where they are. To maintain track, we recommend utilising our integrated Profit Tracker Tool or one of our preferred Matched Betting spreadsheets.

Stay secure

Using something like LastPass, save a list of usernames and passwords. When entering into all of your bookmaker accounts, this will save you time and keep your information private. On your Profit Accumulator and betting exchange accounts, we also recommend implementing two-factor authentication.


Although it might not always be accurate, matched betting is typically regarded as risk-free. There is a potential that you will make a mistake when placing your bets, which will cost you money. However, you can frequently reduce your losses by placing additional wagers.

So risk-free matched betting is the safest option one can opt for in the countries like Bangladesh.

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