The Poker Pro’s Guide- Introduction

Winning and losing are part of the game, but with the right strategy, you can increase your winning chances. In a study, we found that almost 95% of poker players are losers. That’s the reason you need the right strategy to win in poker. There are two types of players in every game, one who is passive and the other who is aggressive. In poker, you may have heard of the term bluff. Poker players often use this trick to bully their opponents. Here in this article, we will discuss the most useful strategies to win in poker.

Pay attention to your opponents

This is the most beginner-friendly tip that one can use. In the initial phase of the game, if start focusing on your opponents, it will help you to understand their strengths and weaknesses. During the game watching your opponents and understanding their betting patterns will improve your poker skills.

We advise you to stay away from players who are constantly putting their opponents in tough situations. Try them when you have strong holding. We would recommend targeting players who are showing bad hands and calling often with weak pairs. Keeping an eye on each player’s activity at the table will help you to understand their mentality.

Value bet your strong hands

As a beginner, if you have strong holding, we suggest building pots. Newbies always try to play loose and passive in front of you. It means that they are not expecting aggressive moves like betting and raising but they may call bets at high frequency. To surprise them you should go with your strong hand instead of waiting for them to bet. Sometimes you may encounter situations where you are bloating a pot but don’t let this thing stop you and continue to bet your strong hands. Over time you will see many calls from worse holdings which will help you to be a pro at poker.

Play stakes you can afford

You cannot be emotional while playing poker because you have to make decisions on a rational basis. Always play with money you can afford to lose. Don’t fall for traps like you can double your money in a few games. We will suggest avoiding playing if you have one buy-in for a game. As a beginner, we will always advise starting with small amounts of buy-ins.

So, here you can find plenty of stakes where first you can play and gain confidence. Before starting to participate in bigger pots it’s better to have some idea about how things work. At bigger live pots you will find tough competition. Hence, practicing at smaller ones is always a good practice to follow.

Play in good games

Now here comes the most important strategy in which poker pros are extremely good. You will find multiple tables after entering a local card room. You can request a table change if your one is bad. It is not good to sit among passive poker players who place bets when they have exceptionally strong hands. It will be difficult to win money in such cases.

Another case is where you sit in between strong and aggressive poker players. Here you may be put in difficult situations which you won’t be able to deal with as a beginner. So, here’s a quick tip: analyze the game in the first 30 minutes and request a change if you think you’re at a bad table. This is easy to do when you are playing poker online as they have so many games running.

Learn one game at a time

With endless variants of poker, winning strategies will also vary depending on the game type. In the beginning, sticking to one game will allow you to get comfortable, and simultaneously you can work on your winning strategy. Once you achieve success in one game it will be easier to manage the learning curve for other games. If you deal with one game at a time, you will be a winning player rather than trying to learn all games at once. So, mastering one game at a time will increase your knowledge and winning chance.


These are some of the most useful pro tips for poker that anyone can use to get better at it. Be a responsible player when you are dealing with money and self-awareness is the key to success. Keep up your learning curve as there is a lot to be learned when you play practically. Losing and winning is part of the game so always put your ego aside while playing poker. Don’t get tempted to win more and more money as it can put you in financial trouble.

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