Matched Betting Is Legal or Illegal?

Matched betting legal or illegal?

A matched betting takes place when people get benefitted from free bets that a bookmaker would offer. When you come across promotional offers like Bet Taka 10, Get Taka 10, and so on, you can use it as a solution to process and convert free bets to profit without risk. Therefore, you won’t find any legal hassles! In 1980, sports lovers didn’t get the approval to indulge in betting. However, some rules against online sports got eliminated or modified with time and technology. Hence, it allowed sports fans in Bangladesh to participate in online betting legally. However, a betting exchange requires a license to perform hassle-free activities. The presence of the license creates the customer’s confidence. Online match betting is also legal as there would be no risk for betters to lose money.

Steps to succeed in a matched betting

  • Find an excellent match to place your bet in which you would not lose much money before getting a free bet. Price Matcher keeps you updated on these offers and gives the best options.
  • Register in an authentic exchange account to lay off your qualifying bet. Once you get the best bet to place in a Price Matcher application, that would be the best time to shell your money.
  • Use the free bet and convert it into withdrawable cash.
  • Lock your profit by laying off a qualifying bet, but for the stakes and odds. Make a point to go for a free bet stake not returned to get your calculations right.

Is Matched Betting A Scam?

You would find a scam in every field. However, it would not mean that an individual shouldn’t pursue them. The same goes for online match betting. However, you will find match betting bookies scamming the bookmakers to make them shell their free bet. But the question might offend the experienced and professionally matched bettor. But, if a beginner questions authentication on betting, it is a valid question as they are the prospective customers who may shell their money. Matched betting is an intelligent way to generate revenue from the free bets you get from bookmakers. A free bet comes from losing a bet, marketing, and promotions. You only need to use free bets in a favorable situation. Hence, a bettor has to use their bets sensibly. So, you can conclude that it is not a scam.

Do bookies like matched betting?

The opinion about the matched booking differs from one bookie to another. Hence, you cannot exactly say whether the bookies like online betting or not. However, the match-betting bookies offer free bets and promotions to new promotions. All the new and existing customers get free bets from the bookies. They aim to make the customers place more bets with them. A bookie would like or dislike matched betting, depending on their experience. Matched betting is a legal way of gambling that has attained popularity. It is an intelligent way to get maximum benefits from free bets and bonuses online bookmakers offer you. Here are some of the pros why a bookie would like online betting.


Free from risks:

Online betting is a no-risk matched betting, one of the advantages of betting. It enables the bookies to generate hassle-free revenue as you would place two bets at the same time. You place one with the bookmaker and the other on a betting exchange. The effective utilization of free bets would always generate profits for you regardless of whether your predicted cricket team wins or loses. Free bets also generate a consistent income, unlike other gambling activities.

Reward & time ratio

Despite having many worthwhile side-hustle opportunities, online betting can rank at the top. Hence, you can rely on such betting regarding monetary compensation and the time spent on legal match betting. You can earn $100 monthly within a short time.

Time flexibility

Irrespective of time, matched betting generates revenue at any time, day, or week. Though you have a daily routine, you can still get the best out of the little time that you spend. Your earnings depend on the money invested and the efforts that you make. You can invest in any festive days or a weekly holiday to earn more dollars if you want extra cash. You only need a computer and an Internet connection to operate betting websites anywhere and at any time.

No age or experience constraint

Anyone can participate in match betting regardless of age or experience. It also does not involve any risky way to gamble. Furthermore, you need not know the stock market or sports to get an income from betting. However, you only need to follow the instructions from an experienced person you know in that trade. You can make high profits once you get the hold.

Non-taxable income

The income you get from betting gets a tax exemption, depending on your country. The income earned through gambling is not taxable in most countries. Hence, you can save that tax money and reinvest it in your business.


It is not a get-rich-quick scheme:

Though people tell you that matched betting is the quickest and the most legitimate scheme to earn billions, it would involve time & effort. It only helps you to earn extra money but cannot replace a full-time income.

Declined offers

The bookmakers would not always be the same. Hence, it would help if you always were on the hunt for new offers in the market. It could also be a time-consuming process that you would miss out on a new offer if you are not focused. Hence, it would help if you were well-versed in how matched betting works toward your profit.

More money to invest

Though you don’t require much experience, matched betting requires enormous investment to get quicker results. Hence, a limited budget would be problematic in such cases.

Can the bookies identify matched bettors?

Yes, the bookies can identify the matched bettors. Thanks to the advanced technology. As the bookmakers keep changing, the bookies must research to find a matched bettor. A matched bettor is a sports bettor who invests legally or illegally through a bookmaker/sportsbook via private agencies. The bookies can also identify them by gaining knowledge through many legal sportsbooks online in the Internet jurisdictions.


The bettors can carry out matched betting activities only if they have a valid license; else, it would be illegal.  Matched betting is also the most intelligent way to generate revenue via free bets.

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