What Exactly Is Liability In Matched Betting?

Matched betting

In order to guarantee earnings, matched betting is a low-risk kind of gambling that is generally utilised in sporting events. Other names for it include “bonus hunting” and “no-risk betting.” Matching bettors ensure earnings by covering every outcome of a game or event by employing free bets and other promotions. 

 According to Wikipedia, matched-betting is – “It is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from free bets and other incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance.”

Free bets are not scarce, despite what individuals may believe. Additionally, you may make sure that free bets keep rolling in every day by using so-called “no-risk” matched betting. 

We may immediately profit from free bets by employing a straightforward calculator in combination with free bets and other promotions. You don’t even need any prior understanding of sports because all of the job will be done using incredibly straightforward software. 

In order to earn from matched betting, one should know about the liabilities of the same.  

Matched Betting Liability – An Overview  

In matched betting, liability is the sum of money required in your betting exchange account to pay for your lay bet. 

If you want to place lay bet of £5 with a liability of £30, then you must have £30 or more in your betting exchange account. Else you won’t be able to place the bet successfully. 

When you will place your lay bet at the exchange, your account balance will reduce by the amount of your liability.  When the bet settles, this liability will be “locked away” from you (which is when the game ends). 

Your betting exchange account balance will reduce by £30 to £20 if you had £50 in it when you place your £5 lay bet with a liability of £30. The betting exchange has not stolen this £30 from you; rather, it has “locked away” from you. Your account balance will show the £30 in the “exposure” column.

When you correctly use matched betting, after the event is over and your bets have settled: 

If your lay bet is unsuccessful, you will forfeit your obligation in the exchange but recover it (as your “winnings”) at the bookmaker. 

In addition to receiving your lay stake amount back if your lay bet wins, your obligation will be back to your account (minus any commission charged by the exchange). 

What is Liability in Betting? 

Take the scenario when a bookmaker is giving India 2.0 odds to defeat Pakistan in a game. You might determine your overall rewards depending on the odds provided if you want to stake £10 on India to win. 

If India triumphs, the bookmaker will refund your £10 wager plus your £10 winnings, for a total of £20. The bookmaker will lose £10, while you will gain £10. He will keep your £10 wager if India loses. The bookmaker will be up by £10, while you will be down by £10. According to the terms and conditions of this contract, the bookmaker will have to pay you £10 if your bet wins whenever you place it. 

As a result, the liability in lay bets refers to the sum of gains or profit. So that a bookmaker must pay the bettor whenever their bet succeeds (since the bookmaker works by laying your bet). The liability calculator indicates that if the bookmaker offered betting odds of 3.0 instead of 2.00, you would win £20 as profit since the bookmaker’s responsibility would be £20. The bookmaker’s liability on a £10 wager would be £40 if the odds were 5.0. And the winner would receive the same sum of money. Thus, it is easy to assess the obligation associated with gambling. 

Not to worry, as a liability in betting is certainly quite simple to calculate. 

How to calculate liability in betting?

It’s fairly easy to calculate the liability. All you need to do is first determine the bookmaker’s responsibility payout. After that, multiply the bet stake by the betting odds. Then calculate the liability by deducting the bet stake from the outcome. 

  • As an example, if you bet £10 and the odds are 2.00, the outcome is £20. The liability would then be £10 after deducting the sum of £10.  
  • As an example, if you bet £10 and the odds are 3.00, the outcome is £30. The responsibility would then be £10 less, or £20. 
  • As an example, if you bet £10 and the odds are 5.00, the outcome is £50. After deducting £50 from it, the remaining liability would be £40. 

You can also determine the responsibility using this straightforward formula: 

Backers stake * (Lay odds – 1) = Liability 

Therefore, if the odds are 2 and you bet 10, your liability is:

Liability is equal to (10 * 2-1)/10. 

Making informed bets is possible now that you are familiar with the concept of liability in matched betting and how to calculate it. 

What is a liability in Matched Betting? 

Your understanding of liability, particularly as it relates to betting exchanges. Which will make it much simpler for you to comprehend liability in matched betting. 

Consider that you have £100 in your account and £10 with a £50 liability. Your account’s current balance will reduce by £50. They will keep the remaining £50 aside. When you place the lay bet against the back bet, especially in matched betting, your liability will be locked. Until the game is over and the outcome is out, it stays intact. The betting exchange will lock your liability money which is “exposure” in terms of betting.

What is the lay bet payment, once the last bet is settles and the result is out? 

  • If the lay bet loses, you will also forfeit your obligation payout made through the exchange method. But you still have a chance to win it using the bookmaker. 
  • If your lay bet wins, your locked money will be added to your lay stake money and returned to your account. Although the exchange will deduct a small commission. 

Due to the nature of matched betting, it makes no difference whether our lay bet wins or loses. Because you will place an opposing bet, which will be credited to our account by a bookmaker. Hence, people refer it as risk-free betting. 

Before placing your lay bets, make sure you have a sufficient amount of money in your betting exchange balance. When you’ll place a bet on the exchange, the liability will be assumed.


You should be aware of your liability if you participate in matched betting. It is true that with matched betting, you won’t have to take any risks. An effective matched betting strategy should also take responsibility into account. A long-term matched bettor should actively employ the liability calculator.

To make better matched betting choices, they should also be aware of how liability functions. However, you should be mindful of how you use matched betting techniques. Many operators have a tendency to monitor the participants. They have the right to suspend your account if they believe you are using matched betting.

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