How to Register As An Affiliate Agent In Jeetwin Bangladesh


The pace at which the online casino world is growing will soon be bigger than many countries combined. Users are fond of online casinos in Bangladesh and in fact in the rest of the world too. People tend to use it as a platform to entertain themselves. Also, it is a great way to earn a few extra bucks too. But, of course, one needs to understand the games. Also, luck must favor you too.

So, the question is which online casino will suit your choices? Well, Jeetwin Bangladesh is one such online casino with a lot of unique features. It provides the users with all the variations in the game. Also, people opt for the multiple programs it offers. Thus, enjoy the games on Jeetwin Bangladesh.
In this particular article, we will be discussing one of the most appealing features of Jeetwin. It is the Jeetwin Affiliate program. Let us discuss the affiliate program in detail.

Jeetwin Affiliate Program

Who does not like to earn extra than just bread and butter? Luck might not favor you while playing online casino games. But, still, you guys have the opportunity to earn a side income using this program. As per this, you become an affiliate agent of Jeetwin. It will help you earn while your friends are playing.
Jeetwin Affiliate Agent basically brings more users to the platform. There are certain promotional tools that the affiliate agent can use and promote the online casino platform. And the more players you bring in, the more you will earn. Keep in mind that there are certain requirements to complete too. Those we will discuss in this article. But first, we must understand the way to become an affiliate agent.

Jeetwin Affiliate Registration

Now to enjoy the benefits of this program, you need to start with Jeetwin Affiliate Registration. Let us understand each and every step of it.

1. To begin with, one must go to the official website of Jeetwin Bangladesh.

2. Now look specifically for the “ Affiliate Program” button. You will get to see it by scrolling down at the end. There, at the bottom, you will find this button. Click on it. And now you will get to a new page.

3. Here you will find all the basic information regarding the program. Read it carefully. It will help you when you will be a member of the program. Also, you will find the button to sign up for the program. Click on it. And you will enter the registration page to become an affiliate agent.

4. Fill in all the information they ask for. It could be some basic details like your name, email ID, phone number, and more. Also, you will have to enter the username as well as password for it too. There is a column to enter your WhatsApp info or your Skype ID too. Though, it is optional to give

5. Now after entering the details to become an affiliate agent, you will get to the next page. Here you will need to enter the source from where your visitors will be coming.

6. Now, there is a type of partnership one needs to choose. Such as a monthly revenue share option.

7. Here comes an important part of the registration process. You will have to enter the bank details. Now, this has to be accurate. All the withdrawals, winnings, and commissions will be credited to this bank account.

8. Finally, agree with all the Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate program. And, click submit.

Direct Sign-Up Link

Or you can join an affiliate via a direct affiliate link and click on Sign Up. There as mentioned above (3-8) follow the same steps. Now then you can directly log in to the affiliate site and get your affiliate agent link which you need to share with your affiliate in order to get unlimited commission.

How the Jeetwin Affiliate Program works

So, if you are this far, then you must be aware of the process to become an affiliate agent of Jeetwin Bangladesh. Now, let us understand how it works. So, as an affiliate agent, you have the responsibility to bring more and more users to the platform. They will help you earn. But, bringing in the players will not help you win the commission. The players need to make a deposit and start playing. As Jeetwin has to earn from it.
Now the amount of commission you earn varies as per the number of active players. But, you must have at least 5+ active players who generate net revenue of a minimum of BDT 2,000. There is a flat percentage of 50% for all. You just need to meet the basic requirements.
In the same way, it depends upon the number of players and NR it generates for the platform. Thus you can earn more with more active players.


To sum it all up, you might feel that the process of registering as an affiliate agent is quite easy. In fact, any of the users can do that. Just follow the plain and simple steps. And you are all set to enjoy the affiliate earnings. Good luck. Have fun.

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