Looking for a variety of betting services, such as football, cricket, tennis, and more? You should choose AddaBet casino gaming items such as live dealers games, blackjack, and poker.

  • Free Signup bonus on live casino
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Android and iOS Mobile App
  • Unlimited Rewards and cashback
  • Casino site with Birthday Bonus
  • The bonus can only be used on limited platforms
  • Available for Indian and Bangladeshi Players only

Bangladeshi players have lots of different options for playing at online casinos. You have no choice but to choose the best platform while betting online. One must have information about a certain casino to access online gaming without restriction. In this article, you will learn about Addabet Bangladesh review, which is one of the top online casinos in Bangladesh. 

Addabet Bangladesh is new in the gambling industry, but it is getting plenty of attention from the operators of the betting industry. However, due to its dual role as an exchange and operator, it occupies a unique position. Just a small number of betting exchanges operate in Bangladesh. They stand out from all the betting options that are available in recent days. The Bangladeshi currencies have their benefit. The interface of Addabet is user-friendly and is especially useful for Bangladeshi players.

About Addabet Bangladesh:

Addabet is the home of the best online casino, sports betting, and entertainment games from your favorite games. The games that you can enjoy with Addabet Bangladesh include Baccarat, Roulette, Sic-bo, Money Wheel, Dragon Tiger, and many others. You can also enjoy the selected range of slot games and live betting on their extensive selection of worldwide sports events with the world-class dealers of AddaBet. It has been providing online casino and betting services for many years. In addition to this, it is very famous in Bangladesh and players can enjoy it while playing. Moreover, Addabet becomes a trusted betting platform in a very short time and there are so many options for you to bet on. Therefore, punters can easily bet on their favorite games and make more money.

AddaBet mobile app is one of the newest applications in comparison to other betting apps. However, they have a very unique scope in the business sector and that goes with past European games and cricket leagues. AddaBet is perhaps the best wagering site in Bangladesh. Here, you will learn the Addabet Bangladesh review in which you will get complete information on bonuses, promotions, registration process, deposit and withdrawal methods, and much more. 

Why become an Addabet Agent?

There are various reasons to work as the addaBet agent. The reason is that the website provides you with an amazing protecting policy known as Addabet Bangladesh. According to the Addabet Bangladesh review, your information is in secure hands regarding their policy. 

The information never uses illegally as well as misused. At the same time, Addabet Bangladesh’s service provides a reason for receiving the required information. However, the only reason to disclose information is when the user illegally uses the account, so for the other user’s security, we use their info. Addabet agent fulfills all the terms and conditions of the website regarding the Addabet Bangladesh review user. The purpose of this is to secure the user as well as the website.

Addabet Agent Procedure & Verification:

According to the agent procedure, they first display the page. The purpose of the displayed page is to select the machine ID. The machine ID you selected is based on the machine ID and the group ID filter of Addabet Bangladesh. The agent requires these icons to check out the status of the website and provide them. 

You must check out the Addabet Bangladesh review on the website for more satisfaction. After that, at the first step, they required online but waiting for the audit process to complete. The second requirement is the agent must be online. In the third step, the agent is online with the user logged on. On the procedure requirement, you have to write the agent procedure name. You also provide them with a date and time when the agent procedure last existed. While on the status, you must display the executed agent procedure results.

Addabet Deposit & Withdrawal Process:

AddBet Bangladesh’s website is specially designed to cater to Bangladeshi players. Therefore, they can accept a variety of payment methods. They not only accept Nagad, Taka, and Bkash but also accept direct bank transfers. Keep in mind that it is very essential to deposit in the name of the account holder. You can also submit withdrawal requests on the top right side of the website. However, the drop-down section will include that option. The cricket officials offer instant service and process all withdrawal requests within just 6 to 8 hours. You can also cancel your request through their customer service. Moreover, they can also withdraw money from your debit card or credit card, which will take just 6 hours and is usually free.

Method to Deposit Money in AddaBet:

You can bet on one of the best gambling websites, AddaBet. Players from Bangladesh can use their local currencies for bets and deposits at AddaBet Bangladesh. According to the Addabet Bangladesh review, you just need to choose the payment method to start. Set up your AddaBet account after choosing the suitable payment method, Sign in to your AddaBet Bangladesh account and tap on “Store”. Select the payment method and enter your complete information accurately. Then, add the amount your wish to store and click on “Deposit”. Now you will be able to bet on AddaBet instantly after making your deposit.

The following are some of the platforms that AddaBet offers to Bangladeshi players.




Local Bank Transfer

Method to Withdrawal Money at Addabet:

You will also need to learn the withdrawal of money when you open an AddaBet account from Bangladesh and deposit money. Bangladesh players can deposit and play as well as withdraw in Bangladeshi currencies by following the method at Addabet Bangladesh. Select one of the payment methods to get started. Here are some methods of withdrawals. 

  • Nagad
  • Rocket
  • Bkash
  • Local Bank Transfer

Addabet Mobile App:

There are various Addabet mobile app. the app provides too many benefits to the player while playing after playing and many rewards. On your cell phone program, you have to open the addabet webpage to get the option regarding the app. By using the encrypted software, Addabet Bangladesh provides you the opportunity of a gamer with a safe and secure environment in which the bettor can easily participate in the game. To encourage the broader audience, the addabet provides a mobile app for the player. It is one of the best opportunities for players to play from anywhere at any time. 

Even it is one of the additional benefits for the players. Now we are discussing the various process of Addabet Bangladesh mobile app. you also check out the Addabet Bangladesh review to complete the process and get the app. you first have to check out the Addabet site. Then download the app on your cellphone device or whatever you are using. In the next step, you must open the Addabet webpage to reach the download page. After reaching, you have to click ye download to continue the level. At the last step, you must scan the QR code to continue.

Promotions and Bonus: 

The website provides you with various types of bonus benefits and promotions. At the start, you will get the first deposit bonus. The bonus is given according to the amount you deposit. Similarly, 20% of the first deposit is provided to you for free as a bonus. As you know, they provide you with various types of bonuses. The type of bonuses is given below.

  • Birthday bonus.
  • Advance bet.
  • Lucky Monday promo.
  • Weekly cash back

Moreover, provided the bonus is calculated with your latest deposited amount. At the same time, the bonus is according to 20% of the deposited amount.


The betting app is too amazing and provides various benefits to its player. Players also have the opportunity to get various types of bonuses on every deposit of Addabet Bangladesh. Moreover, for the player’s benefit, they also provide the mobile app. by using the mobile apps, you have the opportunity to play from anywhere at any time. You can also check out the Addabet Bangladesh review to keep aware of the player reviews. The player can also use various methods while withdrawing and depositing the amount. For more info, you must visit its official website and check out the latest update and privacy policy.

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