Casino scams that have made history

There is a saying that where money is present there are scammers too. Being an active online casino player, you must have heard about scamming. Anything online like banking, casino websites, etc. is subject to such unwanted risks. There will always be loopholes and scammers are always on the lookout for such opportunities. Awareness is necessary to avoid casino scams. Here in this article, you will not only learn about the scams that created history but also how to protect yourself and avoid fraud. Here we will discuss the top 4 best frauds that ever happened in the history of gambling.

The Infamous Rosselli Brothers

When it comes to casino scams, the first name that comes to mind is Rosselli Brothers. They created fake identities of unsuspecting victims to create credit terms with the casinos they targeted. They hired computer hackers and collected the data of individuals with perfect credit scores. On behalf of their identities, they opened credit accounts with several casinos from 1995 to 2000.

After that, they deposited $50,000 into each, giving the casinos the confidence to extend credit limits to these player accounts. The Brothers maintained a healthy track record of transactions in these accounts as any other high roller. Casinos then increased their credit limit from time to time. By the year 2000, they had multiple running accounts with credit limits in each worth over $1 million. This was the right time for their exit and a trip to Las Vegas. They won millions in a single bet of $100,000.

The Brothers disappeared after cashing out their accounts. Then the casinos they targeted went after the framed individuals whose identities had been stolen. It was too late for the authorities to discover the fraud and their efforts to track down the fraudsters were unsuccessful. The fun fact is that the real identity of the fraudsters behind the fraud was never revealed as both the brothers died a few years back. While they are famous in history as the Rosselli Brothers. Still, their true identities are still a mystery.

Cannes Contact Lenses

This is another interesting case that you may have seen in movies. A group of four people marked cards with invisible ink while playing stud poker. They were able to identify these cards with specially designed contact lenses while playing. With this innovative scam. They were able to get away with $84,000. Fortunately, this didn’t last for long as soon as casino management identified their unlikely sequence of wins. A player can be lucky once but if it happens again then it will always raise an alarm.

The authorities were informed about these malicious practices and the group was caught. Earlier they thought that they were using cameras to perform casino scams. But soon they came to know that one of them was using contact lenses. they are using contact lenses. All of them saw themselves in prison after that.

Radio Roulette Ball

The Radio Roulette ball fraud is another example that shows us how creative a scammer can be. A rogue roulette dealer with his sister-in-law and brother in France made a mechanism. With the use of a weightless radio receiver and a transmitter. This mechanism will trigger a roulette ball to fall in certain numbers. He fitted this weightless radio to a roulette ball and attached the transmitter to a pack of cigarettes. Their group scammed the casino out of $1 million in a week.

The owner had a crush on the dealer’s sister-in-law. He was keen to strike up a relationship with her. She rejected his offer, but this brought her to the closer attention of management. As she was present every night when the casino had huge losses. The management decided to investigate further and identified the fraudsters. Management then removed the radio frequency from the casino floor.

Pai Gow John

It is another interesting case where a person name John was after to rob casinos with his scam scheme. He gathered dealers from various casinos to be a part of his gang. These dealers are experts in shuffling the cards but in reality, they keep the order fixed.

They used to transfer instructions while lighting a cigarette using a microphone hidden under their sleeves. With this information, others will take their betting decision along with variations in how the cigarette was being held. This trick worked like a charm, and they scammed 20 different casinos for $7 million. After careful review via security cameras. The scam was exposed, and everyone paid the price for casino scam.


Nowadays you won’t see such frauds as technology has evolved and awareness has spread everywhere. Casinos are now online and following a secured protocol to give a good user experience. We advise you to follow all the necessary instructions before participating. So, that you do not get into trouble.

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