56% Jeetwin Affiliate Commission Exclusively on the occasion of the 6th Anniversary


With the huge number of online casinos, the competition is quite high. Each of them brings promotional offers to get new players. As all online casinos want to cover more and more markets. They even get affiliates for marketing their platform. And in countries like Bangladesh, where the betting and gambling laws are not completely accepting them, online casinos bring a lot to them. The players prefer to get into online casinos to enjoy the fun and the thrill. As it brings ease to their overall experience.

Jeetwin is one of such great platforms that offers such unique rewards. Thus, helping them to widen their user coverage. Even also help them to retain the current players. Jeetwin Affiliate Commission program is among the most popular of such programs. Basically, it gives a chance to win extra money for the players in action. It even encourages them under the Jeetwin affiliate program to bring more new users to the Jeetwin BDT casino.
In this article, we are going to talk about a great chance to enhance your winning through Jeetwin affiliate BDT. Let’s get in.

Jeetwin Affiliate Program

Jeetwin affiliate commission program offers the players to earn more by putting efforts to bring more players to Jeetwin casino. They basically are the members of the platform who get a commission to promote them. For instance, a business pays a commission to bring customers to them. As it will help both the affiliate and the platform, earn extra.

Also, you earn the 50% flat commission of the net revenue generated by the player you brought in. There are certain requirements attached to it. We will be discussing those further in the article.

Raise in Affiliate commission percentage

As the 6th anniversary of Jeetwin is coming up. People are excited. Jeetwin has been in the business for quite a time now. And they are obviously quite happy about the completion of six years. Also, they want to share this excitement with their affiliates too. As those members of Jeetwin Casino help the business run. As every single contribution matters.

Thus, on the occasion of Affiliate Casino’s 6th year anniversary, they are raising the overall commission percentage. They will be getting 56% of the commission under the Jeetwin affiliate commission program. Though the offer will continue for four months. That is from June 1st, 2023 to September 30, 2023. Still, you have a chance to earn even more. Four months is a lot of time for affiliates with persuasive capability. Thus, it can bring an extra Affiliate commission for four months.

How does the Affiliate commission program work?

Let’s say you are an affiliate of Jeetwin Casino. So, to be eligible for the Jeetwin affiliate commission, you must fulfill some of the requirements. Such as:

1. The very first thing is, you can not just earn the commission as an affiliate by bringing one or two players to the platform. There must be at least 5+ players who joined the casino using your affiliate link.

2. Another thing is, the players must be active in the casino. As many just try to add players to earn a commission. But, Jeetwin requires the players to be active on the platform. It means those must play and place bets as well. Thus, they can generate revenue for the Jeetwin Live casino.

3. Also, the net revenue generated by the players must be at least BDT 2,000. Thus, you can claim the Jeetwin affiliate commission.

So, after completing those requirements, you can start earning the commission. Let us make it clear with an example. Assume, the players have generated net revenue of BDT 5000. Now as per the normal Jeetwin affiliate commission, you are eligible for 50% of it. That is, you will have BDT 2500 in your account.

However, during those four months, we have 56% of the commission. Thus, the affiliate will get BDT 2800 as extra income. Thus, an additional benefit of BDT 300.


From the above-detailed discussion, we have come to find out about the thrilling and rewarding offer of Jeetwin Casino. There is an additional 6% of Jeetwin affiliate commission which you can earn from the start of June till the end of September of the current year. As it is quite a special occasion for the Jeetwin. The 6-year anniversary with quite a stronghold in the market of online casinos deserves to have a great celebration. And it is definitely appreciable that they are sharing this happiness with affiliates as part of their family.
But remember, after September 30, 2023, the affiliate commission will again come to 50%. Thus, focus on earning huge. Also, do not forget about the terms of this program. To keep the experience smooth, follow all the requirements.

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