50% Lifetime Commission Offered By Jeetwin

In the world of online casinos, affiliate marketing has become popular. It is one of the ways to expand businesses. Also, it helps to bring in new customers. Jeetwin Affiliate is a prime example of this. They offer a 50% lifetime commission to its affiliates. In this article, we will explore what the Jeetwin Affiliate is. Also, how it works, and the benefits of joining this program.

What is a JeetWin Affiliate?

Jeetwin Affiliate is a program that Jeetwin offers. It is an online casino that attracts players from Bangladesh. Even bettors from other parts of Asia also use this casino. The program allows affiliates to promote its services on their websites. They can use social media channels, or other marketing methods too. Let’s say a new player signs up through an affiliate’s unique link and starts playing. Then the affiliate earns a certain commission on that specific player’s activity. It is the main motive of this program. It depends on the number of players you refer to.

How does it work?

To become a Jeetwin Affiliate, you need to sign up for the program. After approval, affiliates can access a range of marketing materials. Such as banners, text links, and other promotional assets.

Also, when a player clicks on an affiliate’s unique link and signs up to play. The affiliate does earn a certain commission as per the player’s game. The commission is a percentage of the player’s net revenue. Thus, it is the amount the player spends on the site minus any winnings they may have earned.

Calculate JeetWin Affiliate Commision

Jeetwin Affiliate offers a commission as per the net revenue the players they refer generates. The commission has the formula (Revenue – Promotion + NCO – (18% Platform Fee * Revenue)) * 50%. Let’s break down this formula further:

1. Revenue:

This refers to the total amount of money the referred players spend. For example, if that player spends 100 Taka. Then the revenue that player generates is 100 Taka.

2. Promotion:

This refers to any bonuses or promotions offered to the player referred by the affiliate. For example, if Jeetwin offers a 10% welcome bonus to new players. The promotion amount is 10% of the revenue that the player generates.

3. NCO:

This stands for Negative Carried Over. It refers to the amount of money that need to be deduct from about commission affiliate will be getting from. This is a condition where affiliate earning is more than revenue generated by affiliate themselves.

4. Platform Fee:

Jeetwin charges a platform fee of 18%. It is on the amount that the referral player generates. For example, if the revenue that the player generates is 100 Taka. The platform fee charged by Jeetwin is 18 Taka (18% of 100 Taka).

To calculate the commission the affiliate earns, we subtract the promotion amount, NCO, and platform fee from the revenue. And then multiply the result by 50%. For example, if the revenue generated by a player referred by the affiliate is 100 Taka. Also, the promotion amount is BDT 10, the NCO is 20 Taka, and the platform fee is 18 Taka. Thus, the commission earned by the affiliate is (100 Taka – 10 Taka – 20 Taka – 18 Taka) * 50% = 26 Taka.

Every affiliate payment will be by 10th of every month. But if you want to check how much you have earned on the JeetWin Affiliates Program, all you need to do is login to the affiliate system with your password and username. Also, JeetWin’s Customer Support is always available to assist in any issue regarding the Jeetwin Affiliates Program.

Benefits Of Joining JeetWin Affiliate:

1. High Commission Rate:

As earlier, Jeetwin Affiliate offers a huge 50% lifetime commission to its affiliates. This means that affiliates can earn a significant amount of money over time by promoting. This is the recent update. As it depends upon the number of players you refer. You can get a high commission by referring more players. But, 50% is the maximum.

2. Trusted brand:

Jeetwin is quite a brand in the online casino industry. Also, it has a strong reputation for fair play and excellent customer service. Thus, it makes it easier for affiliates to promote Jeetwin’s services to their audiences. As players can use the online casino with trust.

3. Range of marketing materials:

It provides affiliates with a range of marketing materials. Such as banners, text links, and many more. Thus, affiliates can promote Jeetwin services with ease.

4. Easy payment options:

It offers a range of payment options. Such as bank transfers and e-wallets. This ensures that affiliates can receive their commissions with ease.

5. Excellent support:

It provides excellent support to its affiliates. As they have a team to help with any queries or issues that may arise.


In conclusion, Jeetwin Affiliate helps affiliate marketers to earn high commissions. With its lifetime commission rate of 50%, affiliates can earn a significant amount of money over time. Also, the program offers a range of marketing materials and excellent support. Thus, making it easier for affiliates to promote Jeetwin’s services.

Joining Jeetwin Affiliate can be a great opportunity for affiliate marketers. Those can expand their earnings in the online casino industry. As an affiliate, you can leverage Jeetwin’s reputation for fair play. Also, you can use secure payment options to attract players to the platform. Moreover, with the program’s formula, affiliates get fair reward for their efforts. But of course, it takes into account the cost of the transactions.

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